The Shadow of the Fallen



This website and the Forum have been created so that the Fallen, Grigori, Shadow and fellow Otherkin may find a genuine, safe and sheltered virtual home beneath the spiritual wings of their brothers. Through this website we are reaching out to those who have awakened to their true spiritual being, those who realise that their soul is more than just Human.  It is also a place of learning and understanding for those who are only just beginning to walk the path of remembering.

There is currently a surge of spiritual awakening taking place across the planet and many of the Fallen are beginning to remember who and what they are. This site has been designed so that all of the Fallen can come together in harmony, to rekindle the bonds of Family and continue the process of remembering.

From the original time before the Fall when the Grigori watched over the growth and development of Humanity, there are two who have come together once more, to create this site.  We are Ishtahar and Azaz'el.  We are here to help our brothers and sisters, to ofer a place of safety where we can all explore our memory of what was, understand the tradgety of how things have been for millennia now and once again face our souls purpose.

Please remember that this site will always be under construction and changing.  We are trying to update these pages and add information as quickly as we can so that we can all come together once more with full knowledge.  But we also need your help and input.  We cannot do this aloneAll members who join our Forum and add to the discussions taking place have the opportunity to add to the collective memories and information shown in this website. 

If you are one of the Grigori, one of the Fallen and can remember even just a few slight memories, you are welcome here and we encourage you to read through our website and join the forum.  The Great Cycle has now turned full circle, the Fallen are being released and reborn.  All Shadow are hearing the call to rejoin with the Source and bring about Unification.  It is time to awaken and to join the fight to claim our heritage and our place in the Universe.

We also welcome all Otherkin to this website and forum.  We are all equal and all will be facing the same trials and testing times in the near future.  Let us join together so that we can face our common future in harmony and side by side.

This website is currently being re-built after having changed hosts.... please keep checking back for the updates and completion of this site.

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